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The Art of Oddities and Other Things

Cloth Tote Bag

Cloth Tote Bag

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About the Art

Fuzzy and Muffin is a world created by DB about two silkie chickens, Fuzzy and Muffin, their many friends and their arch nemesis. Any similarities between these characters and any one from real life is purely coincidental (wink wink), this is a fictitious setting.

DB has been developing this world for many years and has developed a massive catalogue of art around it. He has started 3D modelling characters for the purpose of building a game, watch out gaming world!

This shirt depicts Fuzzy and Muffin along with a very important message 'I dream of a world where a chicken can cross the road without its motives being questioned' ... and what a dream that would be. A world where people, oops chickens, can be who they without question!

About the Product

  • Premium polyester-cotton blend material tote bag
  • Durable and strong with two straps for over-the-shoulder carrying
  • Use as a book bag, grocery bag or shopping bag
  • Gentle machine wash and air dry or spot clean only
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